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Hydronic Radiant Heating
Hydronic radiant heating systems uses a boiler to heat a solution and with a pump circulates the solution in the plastic pipes installed in a concrete slab. The pipes, embedded in the driveway or basement, conducts warmth to the surface of the driveway or basement where it broadcasts energy.

Separated radiant heat zones are controlled by one thermostat and served by a manifold which distributes the solution to the individual circuits of tubing within each zone.

Corrugated reinforcement for patios
Steel decking (also called pan decking) has deep ribs to provide rigidity to support concrete during the pour. These ribs also strengthen the cured concrete. The steel panels, typically 3 ft. wide, must be spot-welded together. This ribbed profile with embossments designed to interlock with concrete slabs, creating a reinforced concrete slab that serves the dual purpose of permanent form and positive reinforcement.
Stone Inlays
Using a variety of color combinations, designs, and different textures, We were able to incorporate concrete into nearly every element existing in the patio entrance to steps. The result? A one-of-a-kind retreat, exquisitely designed for outdoor enjoyment.
Driveway with stone inlay and geometric design
The combination of inlays for your project are endless.  Looking for a innovative accent, we can envision a unique design just for you.
Aggregate textured concrete with traditional concrete border
This border accents the backyard patio. Creating a unique outdoor space.
Patio with custom designed stamped border
Different stamped designs are available..  Width of border can vary to your desires.
Geometric concrete design
To add a creative dimension to any concrete project, we can add different geometric designs to make that "one of a kind" individual fantastic project.
Exposed decorative aggregate concrete

When you want a hardwearing surface that has a designer-edge, Exposed decorative aggregate concrete looks great today as it does tomorrow.  Driveways pool walks, public sidewalks, any concrete project, they're all areas where looks and performance are crucial.  Exposed aggregate is a good looking alternative that performs lifetime-without a lifetime of maintenance.  made from exposing some of the aggregates (sand and small stones) in the concrete, it looks very natural..

Stone Etching border

Artistic etching design that we can apply for a irreplaceable effect.

Stone Etching border flower bed retaining barrier

Stone etching can be applied vertically or horizontally.


Handicap Truncated Domes Surface Rigid Tactile Paving Tile inserts

Recently, the Americans With Disabilities Act have made quite a few updates to rules and regulations concerning tactile ground surface indicators. Truncated dome pads are a specific color and texture which indicates changes in the ground surface level for those who are blind or visually disabled. They can be installed on wheelchair access ramps, sidewalks, train platforms, and on curb cutouts. They are not only useful for those who are blind but can also be used to increase safety for everyone.

Heavy Metal Drain Grating

We use only heavy duty grates for all our drain covers.  These grates are 3/4 " to 1" thick, extremely durable and long lasting.

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