What Our Customers Say About Us?

We appreciate comments from our customers.

  • 01/08

    My wife called them and they gave an estimate quickly. Once the job was accepted, they scheduled the job and conducted the work right on the schedule that they gave. I would gladly use Baleno Concrete again for any job because they did great work and they did it on time and the work has stood up through 4.5 years of heat, heavy rain, and extreme cold and snow.

  • 03/26

    They replaced two sets of front steps and a long walkway as well as a 4x4 area of driveway. From initial contact to job completion it could not have been a better experience. The finished job was ousting.

  • 10/31

    Mr. Baleno and his crew arrived at the scheduled time and day. He had clean shiny well cared for equipment, it all looked to be in good shape and high quality. I like to refer to this group as the Baleno Brigade.

  • 10/24

    Mr. Baleno and his crew arrived at the scheduled time, they began immediately upon arrival. I have never seen a crew that is so in tune with each other. They got the job done quickly and it seemed effortless for them.

  • 10/15

    I had Baleno replace my public sidewalk, front sidewalk, driveway apron, and porch stairs. True, the price was not the cheapest bid, but the quality of the work and Dominic and his crew's speed and professionalism are worth the extra cost. There was a section I was not happy with and they repaired it within 2 weeks without complaint, even after I had paid in full -- most contractors would have taken the money and ran.

  • 08/08

    I contacted Baleno Concrete in the spring and requested an estimate for replacing my existing walk way. An appointment was made within a few days and Dom arrived promptly. We discussed what I wanted and he informed me it would be into July before he would have time to perform the work. This worked fine with my schedule as I was leaving town for a month and would not be back until the middle of July. I received a written estimate and accepted it. When I returned from my trip I contacted Dom who returned my call within a day. He gave me a date and approximate start time and he and his crew arrived within that time frame. He reviewed with me what I wanted done and I asked if he could add several feet to the length of the walk at which time he gave me a verbal cost for that extra concrete. I accepted the new figure.
    They completed the work that day and came back the following morning to remove the frame boards and clean up. Dom called me a few days later to be sure I was happy with the work and then sent me the bill.
    I was very impressed with how quickly and in sync his crew worked and am very happy with the results.

  • 06/07

    This was the first time that I used them. We felt that the person who came out and gave the estimate was very knowledgeable, and gave us some good suggestions on widening the steps and doing a few things that would be pleasing. We had an issue, because they had to repair some bricks behind the steps that had collapsed, and they didn't repair the mortar. We notified them, and they came out and fixed it.

  • 11/20

    They also poured a new set of steps from the patio to the kitchen. When I received the estimate, I contacted one of Baleno's previous customers. I know this other person to be particularly fussy and at times difficult with extremely high standards. I ran my scope of work and price past him. With out hesitation he told me that I could probably shop around and do a little better on price, but if I want a good job without any call back problems I should accept it. That is what I did. They were prompt, professional, fast and clean. All of the above done in four days, only coming back the following week to apply sealant and some extra landscaping I requested after seeing them perform. Dom and his crew are tops. They applied both standard and aggregate finishes with curbing giving my urban parking and relaxing area a unique and custom look. I'm completely satisfied.

  • 11/07

    Dominic and his crew were fantastic. They moved us up in the schedule and then worked efficiently and thoroughly to produce a great looking walk and steps to our front door. They were professional and courteous. We would definitely use them again.

  • 10/14

    Mr. Baleno arrived on time with his crew and immediately began the project. Not knowing much about the concrete business, I found myself watching the procedure. Mr. Baleno and crew were professional and focused all the way; very detail oriented. Each went beyond what was required to insure that the project was completed as contracted. Returned the next day to complete their work and our new sidewalk and entrance way look great. They even stopped by a few days later to add soil to where they had to dig out for the braces used to mold the cement. I can't speak highly enough for the work performed by all of the men at Baleno Cement. I would highly recommend them for any project. Without being reminded, they returned to put a seal on our new concrete....Great Job!

  • 07/16

     I had a time restraint issue/job and they responded same day to let me know they were booked and could not meet the time deadline. gave immediate, professional response .

  • 07/08

    We were satisfied with them. They were professional and prompt. They were communicative. The work was very good. We were very satisfied.

  • 06/25

    Baleno Concrete was great to work with. They were punctual and gave me times of when they would be at my home. They explained everything that they would be doing and everything looks beautiful. They answered all my questions and took the time to explained even if I did not understand the first time. Every worker was nice and very courteous. I am very pleased with the work that was provided, the price and the overall project. The only thing that I thought would be included in the project, but was told that they did not provide the service, was the landscaping to fill in the areas that they had to dig out to put the forms for the work. I now have to landscape on my own or hire additional help. That was my only disappointment.

  • 06/10

    Very satisfactory experience from start to finish. Everything was done as agreed Great looking job.

  • 03/15

    Dominic Baleno and Baleno concrete did great work for me and I highly recommend them. Dominic responded to my request for a quote very quickly. We met and he explained the nature of the work; what they would do, how they would do it, how long it would take and when it could be completed. He sent the estimate quickly. The price was very reasonable and he worked me into his schedule. The work was done well and was completed in less than one day. Dominic was very professional and communicative. He and his crew were prompt, punctual and very attentive to working quickly, carefully and skillfully. My project was small, but he treated me with the courtesy and respect that I would have expected if I had a larger project to offer. Dominic said to me "You can count on me Mr. Hoffmann". He was right. I could count on him. Great job. Thanks!

  • 02/01

    I contacted Baleno Concrete via their online form to get an estimate for some work I wanted to have done. I received a phone call by the next day. Unfortunately they don't do work in my area, but I really appreciated the call letting me know that. So many places never call you back and I really appreciated the call simply to let me know that they don't come to my area. in tune with each other. They got the job done quickly and it seemed effortless for them.